How Do You Buy A Home in a Seller’s Market?

Wednesday Feb 3rd, 2021


What is a seller’s market, anyway? In a seller’s market, there are more buyers than there are homes for sale. With fewer listings to choose from and more competition, homes typically sell quickly, often seeing multiple offers or even bidding wars, and selling over asking price. In a seller’s market, the seller has the upper hand. This is not the time to test your low-ball offer skills. In a buyer’s market, there are more homes for sale than... [read more]

Home Sellers Beware! Not Providing The Correct Square Footage Of The Home You Are Selling May Be Grounds For Rescission Of The Agreement Of Purchase And Sale.

Tuesday Dec 15th, 2020


A misrepresentation by the seller and real estate agent as to the square footage of a residential property in Stouffville, Ont. resulted in the rescission of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) and the return of the $50,000 deposit. (Issa v. Wilson, 2020 ONCA 756 [CanLII]).   The plaintiff, a 26-year-old first-time home buyer, wanted a house large enough to live in with his parents and three sisters. He retained the defendant real estate agent to help him find a... [read more]